HW kollektorpost: ToTP# 408 (report)

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 30 10:59:22 EDT 2010

I just got finished listening to this over-the phone, and this is a Brian
Matthews programme as Mike had thought it would be. It does not contain a
second track on the B-side, and it has a differing intro where Stacia is
mentioned, and the Silver Machine appears to cut-in already in progress.....
For the moment we are assuming this is an edited version of SM......

On 3/25/10, mike coleman <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> 408 let's hope it's great!!! I went searching the net last night looking
> for information on ANYTHING ToTP's, and couldn't come away with much!!!
> And of course I'm a hamburger half-wit so it's hard for me to know how
> things went down in England.
> I'm just wondering if maybe more material was recorded at the time SM and
> Brainstorm were!!!
> ah well, we'll know soon!!
> yes, cheers, it's been quite a long while since we had something like this
> on the radar.
>  On 3/25/10, M Holmes <fofp at holyrood.ed.ac.uk> wrote:
>> mike coleman writes:
>> > Dear mountain-peak athelete and slope-slider-
>> > I was just out on my long mornig journey thinking about you-
>> > I want to make clear that when I posted about this item, I took it upon
>> > myself that it was alright.........so follow that thought.....
>> > anyway, I've meanwhile been whiffing around in places like the
>> magnificent
>> > Youles site, however confusing and hard to find LP's it can be, and
>> > discovered that Steve reports SM having been on ToTP 5 times with
>> differing
>> > DJ's, so I can guess that SM has a good possibility of being the same??
>> It'd be a real big find if it were a new version.
>> > But side 2 appears to have at least another track so what the hore-hay
>> might
>> > that be??
>> Brainstorm? Hopefully we'll find out soon...
>> > and would the BBC press up a vinyl that contains commercially available
>> > material??
>> If someone at the gig signed over rights? There was supposed to be all
>> this fuss about Hawkwind requiring the Beeb to record a gig to get SM
>> for The Top of the Pops TV show. Presumably the Outside Broadcast Unit
>> had standard contracts.
>> > I think it would be wondeful if the new owner of this LP gets fortunate
>> > enough to get that version of Brainstorm but still cool no matter what
>> it
>> > might contain and just what if maybe maybe maybe it has an unheard
>> "Orgone
>> > Accumulator"??
>> > I certainly doubt this could happen but it's a thought......
>> That would be amazing!
>> The Brian Matthews show is "Programme 406". What was the number of this
>> new one?
>> Cheers
>> FoFP
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