note from a friend with important Hawkwind reference at the end

Burro Mike sloterdijk at MSN.COM
Tue Mar 30 13:10:44 EDT 2010

Hi all, 
I received this note via the Sloterdijk Myspace page. It comes from a very cool guy I met in Philadelphia through some mutual friends The mutual friends moved out and he did not know my last name, so he started trying to find me through the internet. I had lent him a copy of Hawkwind's "It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous'.  In the post script at the end of the page, he makes reference to his thoughts about the album.
 I'm glad he found me, and Hawkwind!! 

Cheers! Mike Burro

here's the note, with personal info removed:

Recently I have made the acquaintance of a 
gentleman named Mike whose last name eludes me.
 believe this is his band, or that he is a collaborator in some 
capacity. I know that he teaches philosophy in New Jersey.
 also know that he is a pretty hip guy that I share many interests with 
and would love to stay in touch.
If you can 
pass on my email address:
 phone number:
 thinking of starting a psychedelic themed monthly party in Philly some 
time in the next few months. I want to spin everything from Nico, to 
African tribal drumming, to Krautrock to... maybe some of your music 
Best Wishes in all your Endeavours.
 He lent me a Hawkwind CD recently and it was one of the greatest aural psychedelic journies I have heard in a long time--really phenomenal 

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