Chart Trek 2 - Blood Of The Earth

StevePXR5 at AOL.COM StevePXR5 at AOL.COM
Tue May 4 15:07:41 EDT 2010

If you  want to help the Starship Hawkwind crash into the charts follow 
these  rules.
If you are making love, I am sorry for interrupting, but what  are you 
doing reading your emails?
Now,  for those that normally buy from them, I don't want to do the 
independents  out of business, it's hard enough for them as it is. How about just 
this  once though?

With all the publicity Hawkwind have been receiving of late, and  indeed 
still are (tonight they will be honoured with the Mojo Maveric Award for  2010 
- amazed at how I just slipped that in brackets) we stand a much better  
chance of acheiving this than we did with 'Take Me To Your  Leader'.
Reason number one is the biggie. Last time it was planned that we  would 
buy TMTYL from Amazon. The idea was good but fell flat on it's face as  Amazon 
album sales DO NOT count towards a chart position. Did very well in  
Amazon's pre order chart, but that's all.

HMV is the place to buy from if  we want to make a dent this time around.
Yes, HMV. I would rather shop at  Marks & Spencer than HMV, but will make 
an exception in this case.

If  you are going to buy the new album in whichever format, would you 
consider  buying it from HMV? Buying it direct from the label will not work 
towards this  goal, and HMV is cheaper.

Lets get our band back in the charts in their  40th anniversary year.

Here's a link to Blood Of The Earth from HMV: 

If you have already pre-ordered from another site, these  orders can 
usually be cancelled.
Come on... Let's give this a go!
Thanks for reading. 

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