(OFF) BETRAYAL, clean version 2.0 "kissing bug" remixxx

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 26 01:53:18 EDT 2011

On 6/25/11, mike coleman <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/25/11, Stephen Lindsey <steve.lindsey at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> err Mike, other people read this too,
>> just saying...
>> Steve L

While I admit "demon overload" is a bit hard to play down, but in my
case I do not even have that big a problem if I WERE satanic, in fact
I was thinking to myself lately "these people need a real Satan, could
I take the job?"  Of course when I think of Satan, deeds commonly
assciciated with such would just be assinine unintelligent things, and
the people behind the abominations ultimately just cast into hell as

But in all seriousness, I do not profess to pretend to know the origin
of the unknown, and would much prefer these things to be seen in W
Reich kind of way, such as "mind elementals" or something, and I
certainly did not wish death, cancer or kissing bug disease on

since I seem to have calmed down my manic posting, I hope all parties
will allow my momentary use/misuse of the forum
oh yeah, the movie I watched was "Roadie", and woah is that
lame......but I liked the Blondie performance which was "Ring Of
Fire", NOT "Ring Of Fire Aside"

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