HW: OFF: Tubilah Dog

Keith Henderson khenders64 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 6 14:13:30 EST 2012

OK...Rob Dreamworker has come through for me over on the Yahoo list, so I'll crosspost back to here FYI FWIW.

He's even got CD cover art for this release, here...


So here is the revised title list...

Tubilah Dog - Rock In A Weird Place (ca. 1987-88?)
1. The Other Side Of The Sky (4:30) - original song, not a Gong cover!
2. The Rumour (4:14)
3. Imhotep (7:35)
4. City Of Tiny Lites (Live) (6:00)  Frank Zappa cover
5. Pillars Of Fear (5:39)
6. Step Down (Live) (9:46)
7. Damnation Alley (Live) (8:24)

Ah, so I don't have to fret so much about City of Tiny Lites being missing from the Hop Pickers' Ball tape online at MutantSounds, as this is a better live recording anyway.  And the lyrics that I thought were "Timely News, that's Timely News" turns out to be "Tiny Is As Tiny Do."  I've always been bad at hearing lyrics properly.  Oh, and now I can tell that Mills' announces the song at the beginning as "This is Zappa" but of course, to my Yankee/Ami ears it comes across more like "This is Zapper," such that earlier I also thought perhaps the title of the song could be "Zephyr" or "Suffer" but then nothing in the lyrics had anything to do with either of those subjects, so I discarded that thought.

Well, that was fun...thanks for playing/listening.

Ciao zäme...Keith

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