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Minutes Long - Stock # 1500888)
Normally DVD £11.99 - Ltd New Release Only Offer DVD £ 9.99

You would probably normally avoid buying something like this as it is
very diverse, however the inclusion of two HAWKWIND and two INNER CITY
UNIT tracks might well make it of interest to all you Hawkfans who are
looking to plug any remaining holes in the dam!
We've asked Jettisoundz (producer and compiler of the DVD) about the
HAWKWIND and ICU tracks and they said the following:
"The HAWKWIND promos were not the same as those in the sets ('Night Of
The Hawk' and 'Chronicles Of The Black Sword'). This 'Night Of The
Hawk' is really different.  They were featured on some early dodgy
VHS. And similar with ICU - They were on the VHS."
And here are his reasons for compiling this DVD in the first place:
"As I get better, slowly, from a stroke some five years ago. It'll
take me another couple years at least to get past it.  But I say all
the time, it's made me re-assess my self-belief, and made me realise
there are new goals out there. A look down the list makes me smile as
I remember the names, all the do's and don'ts, all the triumphs of
each one, but I think you'll agree, it was worth it.  Anyway, it's
here as a 'best of'. This is the first time I've looked at ourselves
(Jettisoundz) as 'promo' makers. Taking the time and energy to make it
all happen." John Bentham - November 2011
Track List:
01.	ONE WAY SYSTEM: Cum On Feel The Noize
02.	HAWKWIND: Night Of The Hawk
03.	LIGOTAGE: Vanity
04.	JAZZ BUTCHER: Meets Count Dracula
05.	CRAZY TIM & SID: Goin' Bowling
06.	INCA BABIES: Jerico
07.	TOY DOLLS: Nellie The Elephant
08.	ROY HARPER & JIMMY PAGE: Advertisement
09.	INNER CITY UNIT: Help Sharks
10.	TURNPIKE CRUISERS: That Girls Got Mine
11.	WAY OUT WEST: Way Out West
12.	ACTION PACT: Johnny Fontaine
13.	RIVERSIDE TRIO: Who's That Knockin
15.	INNER CITY UNIT: Blood & Bone
17.	HAWKWIND: Needlegun
18.	CHERRY BOMBZ: Hot Girls In Love
19.	RAUNCH HANDS: Black Jack
20.	DANCING HOODS: This Is Pleasure
23.	MACC LADS: Eh Up!
24.	GUANA BATZ: Shake Your Money Maker
25.	TOY DOLLS: Geordies Gone To Jail
26.	ALIEN SEX FIEND: Buggin' Me
27.	ALIEN SEX FIEND: Ignore the Machine
28.	MICHELLE SHOCKED: 5am In Amsterdam
29.	EXPLOITED: Sexual Favours
30.	FRENZY: Clockwork Toy
31.	METEORS: Go Buddy Go
32.	BAD KARMA BECKONS: Six Brides For Jerry Lee
34.	METEORS: Rawhide
35.	2-KUT: Rock That
37.	CARESSE P-ORRIDGE: Are You Experienced
38.	HORSE LONDON: Screwed Blued & Tattooed
39.	PSYCHIC TV: I C Water
40.	METEORS: Please Don't Touch
41.	CUD: Strange Kind Of Love
42.	SHIELA CHANDRA: Lament Of McCrimmon
43.	CUD: Hey Wire
44.	XENTRIX: For Whose Advantage
45.	M-VITA: Time Waits For Nobody
46.	K-KLASS: Rythmn Is A Mystery
47.	METEORS: Who Do You Love
48.	PHANTOM CREEPS: Head On Backwards
49.	EMPRESS OF FUR: Johnny Voodoo
50.	ONE WAY SYSTEM: Believe Yourself

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