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OK, there'll probably me plenty who disagree with me, but I always thought
that 'Night of the Hawk' was a GREAT Hawkwind anthem that should be played at
all their live gigs - and yet it disappeared from the set list long ago and
has never returned ....... I'd love to see it resurrected !!

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> Minutes Long - Stock # 1500888)
> Normally DVD £11.99 - Ltd New Release Only Offer DVD £ 9.99
> You would probably normally avoid buying something like this as it is
> very diverse, however the inclusion of two HAWKWIND and two INNER CITY
> UNIT tracks might well make it of interest to all you Hawkfans who are
> looking to plug any remaining holes in the dam!
> We've asked Jettisoundz (producer and compiler of the DVD) about the
> HAWKWIND and ICU tracks and they said the following:
> "The HAWKWIND promos were not the same as those in the sets ('Night Of
> The Hawk' and 'Chronicles Of The Black Sword'). This 'Night Of The
> Hawk' is really different.  They were featured on some early dodgy
> VHS. And similar with ICU - They were on the VHS."
> And here are his reasons for compiling this DVD in the first place:
> "As I get better, slowly, from a stroke some five years ago. It'll
> take me another couple years at least to get past it.  But I say all
> the time, it's made me re-assess my self-belief, and made me realise
> there are new goals out there. A look down the list makes me smile as
> I remember the names, all the do's and don'ts, all the triumphs of
> each one, but I think you'll agree, it was worth it.  Anyway, it's
> here as a 'best of'. This is the first time I've looked at ourselves
> (Jettisoundz) as 'promo' makers. Taking the time and energy to make it
> all happen." John Bentham - November 2011
> Track List:
> 01.   ONE WAY SYSTEM: Cum On Feel The Noize
> 02.   HAWKWIND: Night Of The Hawk
> 03.   LIGOTAGE: Vanity
> 04.   JAZZ BUTCHER: Meets Count Dracula
> 05.   CRAZY TIM & SID: Goin' Bowling
> 06.   INCA BABIES: Jerico
> 07.   TOY DOLLS: Nellie The Elephant
> 08.   ROY HARPER & JIMMY PAGE: Advertisement
> 09.   INNER CITY UNIT: Help Sharks
> 10.   TURNPIKE CRUISERS: That Girls Got Mine
> 11.   WAY OUT WEST: Way Out West
> 12.   ACTION PACT: Johnny Fontaine
> 13.   RIVERSIDE TRIO: Who's That Knockin
> 14.   ROBYN HITCHCOCK: America
> 15.   INNER CITY UNIT: Blood & Bone
> 16.   TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Waiting
> 17.   HAWKWIND: Needlegun
> 18.   CHERRY BOMBZ: Hot Girls In Love
> 19.   RAUNCH HANDS: Black Jack
> 20.   DANCING HOODS: This Is Pleasure
> 21.   CRUMBSUCKERS: Trapped
> 22.   TURNPIKE CRUISERS: Extra Flesh
> 23.   MACC LADS: Eh Up!
> 24.   GUANA BATZ: Shake Your Money Maker
> 25.   TOY DOLLS: Geordies Gone To Jail
> 26.   ALIEN SEX FIEND: Buggin' Me
> 27.   ALIEN SEX FIEND: Ignore the Machine
> 28.   MICHELLE SHOCKED: 5am In Amsterdam
> 29.   EXPLOITED: Sexual Favours
> 30.   FRENZY: Clockwork Toy
> 31.   METEORS: Go Buddy Go
> 32.   BAD KARMA BECKONS: Six Brides For Jerry Lee
> 33.   TURNPIKE CRUISERS: Eddies Ghost
> 34.   METEORS: Rawhide
> 35.   2-KUT: Rock That
> 36.   PSYCHIC TV: Joy
> 37.   CARESSE P-ORRIDGE: Are You Experienced
> 38.   HORSE LONDON: Screwed Blued & Tattooed
> 39.   PSYCHIC TV: I C Water
> 40.   METEORS: Please Don't Touch
> 41.   CUD: Strange Kind Of Love
> 42.   SHIELA CHANDRA: Lament Of McCrimmon
> 43.   CUD: Hey Wire
> 44.   XENTRIX: For Whose Advantage
> 45.   M-VITA: Time Waits For Nobody
> 46.   K-KLASS: Rythmn Is A Mystery
> 47.   METEORS: Who Do You Love
> 48.   PHANTOM CREEPS: Head On Backwards
> 49.   EMPRESS OF FUR: Johnny Voodoo
> 50.   ONE WAY SYSTEM: Believe Yourself
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