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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Mon Oct 8 10:28:21 EDT 2012

On 07 Oct 2012, at 17:35 , Jason C. Hillenburg <j.hillenburg at COMCAST.NET> wrote:
> It's the crucial difference between you and 2OC - one is still pushing himself, still creating, still excited by new songs. The 
> other is content to coast into the sunset and just play some gigs from an increasingly limited pool of songs. 
> For myself, I prefer your point of view. When I read your brother writing on the bocfans forum that he's writing 
> new songs as fast as he can, it speaks volumes. 

I cannot, of course, fault Eric's and Buck's apparent decisions to "coast" with 2ÖC. I mean, it's not like they are beholden to me or anything. Why should they not run their side of things however they feel like. As Pippi Långstrump might say: "Är det inte ett fritt land?" ("Isn't it a free country?").  On the other hand, as a fan -- as a person who _likes_ to see new creations -- it's really not even a conscious choice for me what kind of approach I _prefer_ (or would prefer) ... :)

Equally, I am not sure that I very much _like_ much of the recent HW output. But I at least _like_ that some bunch of guys is trying to do _something_. That way, there's at least a chance that they _could_ produce something I would like more. :)

Al: Is Blue Coupe on Bandcamp or something? I know you're on iTunes :) but I still balk at buying less-than-CD-quality files for similar prices to CDs (as remains the case on iTunes).  CD postal deliveries are effectively impossible in Colombia, so I need to go digital ... but I want to go as snobbishly upscale digital as possible. :)    (Still, iTunes would be better than niTunes .... ;)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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