Blue Coupe @Iridium

Chris Baker coffeebaker at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Wed Oct 24 11:59:58 EDT 2012

Hi Albert,

I'm hoping you can shed some light on the Iridium bill for Sunday Oct 28.  Their site says:

Kubla Khan’s Rocktoberfest Musical Extravaganza featuring the Steve Marshall Band with guest appearances – Albert and Joe Bouchard - Blue Coupe (formerly of  Blue Oyster Cult) with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper)  & Ian Lloyd – Vocalist from Stories/Foreigner (Brother Louie) & guest artist Lance B …

You already indicated that Joe in fact is out of town, and that there were be another guitar player (who could not be named) in his stead.  That's clear enough,  however I'm not sure how to interpret "guest appearances"...

- Is Blue Coupe (or 2/3 of Blue Coupe) performing a standalone set during both the early & late shows?  

- Are either Ian Lloyd or Lance B. singing with Blue Coupe..???  Or are they doing a solo thing each (presumably before Blue Coupe)?

The reason I'm asking:  I'm going to be at the Best Buy Theater BOC show that night and am hoping that I could get uptown in time to catch Blue Coupe at the late show.  So I'm trying to get some sense of how this is going to play out, time-wise and otherwise.

Very much hoping it works out!


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