any late-October Blue Coupe shows?

Ralph kirthgersen at HOTMAIL.CO.UK
Sun Sep 30 16:12:37 EDT 2012

> Yes, Joe will be away and Dennis and I will be playing with another famous guitarist who because of an agreement with his famous band cannot be advertised.

I thought Buck was busy that night...?

Anyway - that's pretty intriguing news - I'll be interested to find out just who this mystery guest turns out to be...

By the way:  Blue Coupe's new CD is up on indiegogo:

Make a pledge and make it happen....

By the way: it says for $25 "You will receive a signed copy of the new Blue Coupe record 2 weeks before they go on sale to the general public."

But how is "record" defined?  I don't do downloads, I'm afraid - I'm stuck in an analogue mindset, so do they mean vinyl or CD...?

Just to mention: for $1,000, they offer a "Personalized version of song from the new record. We will record a version of 1 song with new lyrics about you with your name in it."

My mate "Phineas T. Flibbertybuster III" might just be interested in that!! 


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