1. OFF: Nektar/Wishbone Ash

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sun Jun 23 05:48:13 EDT 2013

I saw the show in Pittsburgh Friday night. I got a promo of the new album
just a day before the show and only had a chance for one listen so far. It's
definitely more classic Prog rock sounding than anything I've heard from
them before. Probably due to the Billy Sherwood involvement.


Of the 70s songs I recognized Desolation Valley, Day In The Life Of A
Preacher, and side 1 of recycled. The tour announcement I received a couple
months ago said they would play Remember The Future in its entirety in honor
of the album's 40th anniversary, and they played nothing from it. They just
played 1 hour 15 minutes, with Wishbone Ash playing last, and there had
already been 2 bands before them, which I hadn't been expecting. So maybe
they're trading off who headlines with Wishbone Ash, I don't know. It was
great seeing Nektar but when I saw them in Cleveland on the Space Rock
Invasion tour in 2011 that performance was 100 times better.


I can't comment on Wishbone Ash because after Nektar my wife was dozing off
and I didn't care enough about seeing Wishbone Ash to prop her up.






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Subject: OFF: Nektar/Wishbone Ash


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