hawkwind Astounding sounds on vinyl

John Rennie hawkfan at RATSAUCE.CO.UK
Tue Mar 18 07:32:23 EDT 2014

Hi Vicky,

Are you (or I guess Mark) going to be doing any more podcasts?

I appreciate it's a lot of effort, but I found them a really good way to
sample your new releases. I note podcast 3 now has a notice saying
someone complained about copyright (though the first two podcasts are
still available). Is that the reason they got stopped?

John Rennie

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Hi guys

forgot to say on my mailout yesterday, those who have ordered the new press of  Hawkwinds Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music  on vinyl, this is now in at Cherry Red and due to ship this week. Apologies for the delay,  caused by an error at the factory.

Kind Regards

Vicky Powell

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