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Christian Eric Mumford royalistradio at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 17 20:49:15 EST 2017

a rare Voiceprint CD i got on Discogs, the Mazlyn Jones / Guy Evans / Nik Turner LIVE CD is most excellent, love this CD it sits between all my Pink Fairies / Magic Muscle stuff and Shagrat and Inner City Unit CDs. I must say, i just bought a cassette player to rip from, but now i wish i hadnt sold my two other Mazlyn Jones tapes i had (Water From The Well and ST).

Sure some here have this MJ CD live album, if not sign up on the Discogs list. Be prepared to shell out £25 or more. I honestly dont know much about Mazlyn but he figures an interesting crossover musician with a 60s-70s free movement and "free" music.

PS: for BOC-L only: I ordered a Society Of Inner Light techno CD that features Nik Turner, Youth, Jah Wobble and others. Nik is only on one track. I suspect it to suck ? Should i?

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