[boc-l] NIK/OFF: Kollector worry

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at coriolis.greenend.org.uk
Mon Jan 30 11:08:58 EST 2017

 	Dear all,
 		  I return... Hopefully there's still some people out 
there and you're all OK!

 	I return because I recently had something of a collector's score, 
after finding myself led to Discogs.com by Googling for Magic Muscle's 
_The Pipe, The Roar and the Grid_, the only one of their albums I didn't 
have. And lo it was there. I'd signed up for an account with them when 
trying to get hold of an entirely different album (_Subkraut: U-Boats 
Wilkommen Hier_ by Vespero, which is excellent), but it turned out to be 
easier to get by other routes so I never went any further. This time I 
did, and I kind of cleaned out on several things I've been after for a 
long long time, including a 7" of ICU's `Paradise Beach' and, holy of 
holies, DarXtar's _Darker_.

 	Well, at that point I had two thoughts. The first of them, and 
meaner, was that when I saw DarXtar play in London and I afterwards talked 
to the Commander about the unavailability of that album, I encouraged him 
to re-release it as a CD-R so he could actually see some money out of it, 
and he said no, he thought it was good that there should be some rarities. 
Well, now I have a copy and he got nothing from it, so I still think he 
would have done better to do it my way. But then, a quickly following 
second thought, this CD is rare than hen's teeth; if it's available, that 
probably means someone's collection is being sold off. Which left me 
suddenly feeling guilty and wondering: is everyone on BOC-L OK? Have I 
missed someone's final departure into space in my absence? And, well, I 
thought I'd sign back on and check... Yours all as of yore,

 	Jonathan Jarrett, Leeds      jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk
 	"May the Lord Almighty guard your life, because among other
  things it is of great value in silencing the idiocies of blatherskites."
   (Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury to Archbishop John of Rouen, 1073)

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