Sky Cries Mary

Gary Wingert gary at Z-CODE.COM
Fri Sep 29 12:54:57 EDT 1995

On 29.Sep, paul    wrote re: "Re: Sky Cries Mary"
paul> Kevin Haskel Rubin writes:
paul> > Just who are Sky Cries Mary? I was at the Microsft Launch
paul> '95 last month, > and there was only one person I saw who was
paul> scruffier looking than me (but > far less nerdy) and his name
paul> badge said Sky Cries Mary on it in the Company > field. I
paul> don't remember what his name was on it.
paul> Sky Cries Mary are an american psychedelic/space rock band
paul> (and quite a tasty one, IMHO).

Yes, indeedy!

paul> It may well have been someone from Sky Cries Mary you saw at
paul> the Microsoft launch. They certainly strike me as a band
paul> courting the use of new technology (but quite how this fits
paul> in with Microsoft is beyond me >:-). For example, they were

They had something to do with the Windows 95 launch event.
I don't remember what it was (other than performing and
doing some multimedia stuff), and I don't remember where
I saw that info.  It was on a TV program about High Tech

paul> PS: They also have an MPEG video for "Every Iceberg Is Afire"
paul> on their WWW site.

It's actually IUMA's site:

"On Thursday, November 10 at 7:00pm PST, World Domination Records,
Windswept Pacific, the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA),
Starwave Corporation, and Nick Turner of Firstars Management
present the Seattle-based techno/ambient rock band Sky Cries Mary
performing a live show in one of the first ever real-time rock
concert broadcasts over the Internet."

Another SCM page (don't know if it's offical or not):


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