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M R Godwin hssmrg at BATH.AC.UK
Wed Dec 4 06:04:24 EST 1996

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996 Rocker22 at wrote:
> As for the Imaginos treatment, that seems to have come from the entire band,
> not just EB.  However, I agree that it was a pretty shitty thing to do...

The story I heard (which could be wrong) was that Al was working on
Imaginos as a solo project. Then CBS decided they didn't like his vocals,
and insisted on him getting Jack Secret(?) in (forgotten the name). After
further anxieties about the commerciality of the project, CBS thought it
would sell better under the old BOC brand name.

I would guess that 3OC were then brought in and told that they had to
promote the product. Certainly, when I saw that tour, they were pretty
half-hearted about it - they sang 'In the presence of another world', and
also performed that Mickey Mouse version of 'Astronomy' (with the 'Hey,
Hey-Hey' backing vocals). The rest of the set was the standard road-tested
material - no 'Del Rio's Song', no 'Magna of Illusion', not even 'The
Subhuman', which could legitimately have resurfaced under its new name.

So my feeling is that the record company was more to blame than 3OC.

- Mike Godwin

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