BOC:Imaginos:the great v. mediocre debates-(like Lincoln and Douglas... heehee)

haiwhachahaiuh! scruto19 at POTSDAM.EDU
Wed Dec 4 20:52:11 EST 1996

As we groove on down the line scribbling on our skulls,
>> .. but maybe he had a point.   A full length Imaginos done by the original
>> lineup in say 1976-77 timeframe as a follow up to OYFOOYK, may have
>> catapulted the band to the top of heavy metal market...

>I agree totally that Imaginos would have been a blockbuster for BOC.
>Personally, though, I think the timing would have been best [blest
>with hindsight, mind you] if it had appeared after Agents or
>Spectres, simply 'cause BOC was still riding high on the success of
>Reaper and Godzilla.

Don't forget too that (i think in the Cosmic Debris interview from the tBS page)
AoF and onwards was the start of the band getting out of the "BOC's
inferno" that the 1st 3 LPs created along with their band imagery on tour
in those days and to focus on not heavy "in the bad sense" music
production.  Given the Pearlman-ness of the Imaginos project (since he is
still trying to get it to fly multimedia-wise here and there), cooling
their jets and being creative for themselves (which I remember the
interview also saying that in that time frame of the live release) won out.

Pardon me Al if I paraphrased you wrong :)

Heard it through the modemline,

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