OFF: More list history trivia...

M Holmes fofp at TATTOO.ED.AC.UK
Thu Jun 27 10:18:39 EDT 1996

Guido Vacano writes:

> Paul sez--

> Bob Netherton (I think that's correct--it's been a while) was on the list
> for a fair bit, and he was going to co-moderate boc-l on a computer at
> his job, with (I think) Ben. He vanished. :-) We then discovered later
> that he had moved on to "greener pastures", and he did not have
> facilities to host the list. I don't think he ever resubscribed to boc-l.
> I think that's when Mike Holmes ran the list for a while.

For 24 hours in fact...

Mike "Ozymandias" Holmes

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