HW: Love in Space on White Zone

cjohnson cjohnson at SUR1A.HPSC.HISD.HARRIS.COM
Fri Mar 15 10:42:53 EST 1996

       "Love in Space" was the extra song on the vinyl release of what,
       the "Alien (Roswell Edit)" single, wasn't it?  I may have the vinyl
       wrong, but I also noticed that "Love in Space" is the last song on
       'Psy.Warlords: White Zone'.  Has anybody with both items happened
       to compare these two versions?  Are they significantly different
       from each other, or (preferably) suitably similar to each other?

       I understand that "Love in Space" will likely make an appearance on
       the upcoming live HW release, given its appearance on the recent
       tour set list.

       Has anybody else thought that the purpose behind releasing 'White
       Zone' was to have a sampler of the most famous artists (at that
       time) from the EBS label?  I mean, you have a HW song, two Dave
       Brock solo songs, one Richard Chadwick solo song, and probably an
       Alan Davey solo song(s) (we won't know until we see his eventual
       release).  The only thing they didn't do is emphasize the words
       "Sampler", "Collection", or "Hawkwind" -- all of which I'd expect
       from a run-of-the-mill label sampler.

       Just some stray thots...

       Captain Cloud
       cjohnson at sur1a.hpsc.hisd.harris.com

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