HW: how about a brawl!!

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   >>Prophets: just bought this yesterday. Was most of this stuff recorded
   >>live w/audience or studio?
   >Seems to me that most/all of this was studio, even though much of
   >it is remakes of older Nik, ICU, or HW songs.  This release struck
   >me as an uneven grab-bag of songs from Nik's entire career, even
   >tho I don't think it was meant to be a retrospective or anything.
   >I *do* like several of the songs on this one.

I really like this. Still needs a lot more listens before I decide if it's
imomortal, but it has similar qualities to albums like Ritual or Warrior -
fast, heavy rock tunes interspaced w/freaked-out spoken pieces. And a VERY
electronic/synthy album, plenty of that to satisfy people looking for the
intense HW style.

   >>I would definitely like to know how Freq and Live are as I see these at
   >>Best Buy. Of course it'd really be nice to find Capt or Leif, but
   >>I've never seen them...
   >I wasn't too fond of Freq myself, but that may not be typical of
   >this List.  The songs border on early industrial type sounds, with
   >some (possibly dated) mechanical sounds building the rhythms.
   >Also, each song is separated by a spoken word piece, ranting on
   >about a Miners strike that was taking place at the time.  I always
   >program my CD player to avoid this stuff -- it got old pretty
   >quickly for me.  Then again, the whole strike thing didn't mean
   >anything to me either ( <-- the ugly American ?)
   >One nice thing is that the spoken word thingies have some musical
   >background sounds.  I understand that this was not on the original
   >record, and was added as part of the re-mastering that produced the
   >CD Freq (actually called "Freq Revisited").  While I do not have a
   >copy of the original LP to compare with, this is what I was told.
   >You should be able to get Freq at a good price: around $14.
   >I haven't listened to Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall lately, so I'll
   >avoid any attempts at reviewing this one.  Possibly a better choice
   >than Freq, though.  How much was Best Buy asking for this one, and
   >did they have more than one in stock?
   >I've never seen a domestic (USA) CD issue of either Capt Lockheed
   >or Lucky Leif.  Did Cleopatra recently issue one of these?  Perhaps
   >Capt Lockheed?  I seem to vaguely remember spotting an announcement
   >to that effect somewhere...of course, it could just be more
   >brainmush on my part.
   >Captain Cloud
   >cjohnson at sur1a.hpsc.hisd.harris.com

Thanks, Capt. I'll have to get back to you on the exact prices, but I know
they were very reasonable -- Less than 15 bucks, I'm almost sure. There was
one copy each, but there's a good chance of others at other BBs. If you're
interested, e-mail me. I think I'll pass on 'em, at least for now -- It
sounds like my money would be better targeted for an expensive import of
Lockheed (I love the two songs on LOL). A general consensus of all of
Calvert's solo stuff would be cool, though -- Maybe a solo-poll is in order

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