OFF: Brian Connolly dead

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Wed Feb 12 10:37:54 EST 1997

M Holmes wrote:
> The ex lead singer with 70's glam rock band The Sweet died of renal
> failure at age 52.  His solo career after leaving The Sweet had been
> plagued by ill health.
> Just a note to say that as a kid, I liked the Sweet's stuff before I got
> interested in Hawkwind. Their Chinn-Chapman singles were formulaic but
> enjoyable and their b-side and album tracks displayed a talent for soft
> metal within the band. I'd rate 'em the best of the Glam Rock bands
> (though not as much fun as Chicory Tip :-) and I'm saddened to hear of
> his death.
I also grew up on Sweet before I got into Hawkwind. I'm still a fan of Sweet. I still
listen to Andy Scott's Sweet, though I haven't heard Brian Connolly's Sweet as yet. I
was, in fact, going to order the recent CD by his band from the UK this week.
>From what I've heard, he still has a good voice on the album.


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