hawkwind name/flatulant as it may be

Bob Lennon Hawkwindus at AOL.COM
Sat Jul 12 17:44:25 EDT 1997

<< I received this from a member of the AC list I'm on.
 Has anybody ever heard this story before:
 > I've got this book about how rock bands got their names. Saw Hawkwind and
 > thought of you. (I hardly knew there was a band called Hawkwind until you
 > it on SickThings.)
  > Anyway, you probably already know this but ...
 > Lemmy says they got the name because the sax and flute player, Nick
Turner, had
 > a big nose and he farted alot. It was Hawkwind Zoo before that but he says
 > was still for the same reason. He says there is no such place as Hwakwind
Zoo in
 > London.
 > Anyway, that's what Lemmy say.

<<Sounds like just a myth to me, but I don't how they got the name.
 Standing on the runway waiting for take off

 Dan Witt >>
this tale was told by lemmy - of that we can be sure-
but then again - who really gives a shit?

excellent CD: Crash Worship "Tripple Mania II"

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