UeberWind (was Re: HW : Too long albums (was NEW ALBUM ROCKS!!!!))

Marshall Wood mwood at AGILE.COM
Thu Nov 13 08:50:33 EST 1997

Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
> On ons 12 nov 1997 14.29 "Ron Jennings" <sprawl at STARLINX.COM> wrote:
> > i sense an anti-bridgett person here!
>      Well, if we counted _Space Bandits_ as "90s" I reckon the only really
> decent track on the album was "Images". :)  In fact, I quite like "Images"!

I, for one, like a lot of the stuff off of _Space Bandits_, even
"Black Elk Speaks."  How much credibility have I lost?

>      I would ban her on-stage antics though from any video :)

For those of us who never had the, um, pleasure - what exactly did she
do on stage?


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