HW: DH artwork (wasRe: HW: Swindon show)

Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Fri Nov 14 09:48:00 EST 1997

On 14 Nov 13:51, gingoblin at EASYNET.CO.UK wrote:
> >Also at the end of the gig, Ron mentioned that the cover of Distant
> >Horizons was nothing to do with the band. Anyone know why the band used
> >it if they were unhappy with it?
> I've not seen mention of the cover yet... does anyone else think the whole
> cover/booklet has the look of one of the dodgy compilations? It's gotta be
> some of the worst artwork for a "real" HW album I've ever seen.

I think it's quite good - certainly way ahead of Electric Tepee, Space
Bandits, Xenon Codex, CotBS, ...

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