BOC: CD-R/Bootlegging/Imaginos

P Worley inhaler at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Jan 9 22:09:10 EST 1998

Awhile back there was a mention of somebody's web site offering custom
bootleg CD's, and recently I somebody mentioned something similar.  I was
wondering, what do the people on this list feel about that?  I've never
done any bootlegging before, and I don't know if maybe there's a different
additude for CD bootlegs vs. Cassete bootlegs.

The reason I'm asking is that I recently got a CD-R, and have been making
a few mixed CD's for myself, and was thinking about doing a custom
Imaginos (possibly multiple CD's, using other 'appropriate' music from
other BOC albums).  What interest have you regarding this?  The CD's cost
around $3 - $4 each in bulk, and if nobody has any moral objections, I'd
be willing to make copies for interested parties, so long as it doesn't
become a mass-quantities affair.  (If I did this, I'd prefer to trade for
stuff, or maybe charge $5 or so to cover costs.)

Lemme know what you think,

Peter William Worley
inhaler at

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