BOC: Dominance and Submission and Al

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Tue Sep 15 20:27:01 EDT 1998

At 04:28 PM 9/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Andy Gilham wrote:
>> Just got a Radio Birdman LP bootleg, _Rock'n'Roll War_, with a live version
>> of "Career of Evil".  Usual dodgy bootleg quality, fairly faithful version,
>> nice laid-back gtr solo from Deniz.
>> - Andy
>> mailto:Andy.Gilham at;
>  I went down to our areas best music store in terms of rarities and
>to see if I could find some Radio Birdman albums, but I found none nor even a
>place for them on the rack. Did any RB albums get released on CD and if so
>Speaking of covers of BOC, has anybody heard the version of Dominance and
>Submission Mike Watt did on some single from Ball Hog or Tug Boat, if so
how does it sound?

Good. it runs like a good rhythm oriented track played with scruffiness,
not the speedier one found on ETL.  Joe handles piano and Al does what he
does best.  After the surf guitar break, the bass (Mike Watt?..though I
dont remember who did the guitar) and piano trade solos and Al does some
fills that are just plain...Al   Theres a neat piano crescendo right before
the "In times square" section... and as the call and response of the title
gets going, the end is mangled quite well by slowing the tape down making
the voices sound nicely demented.   I like it.  It offers a twist to an old
sonic friend.  The EP is a Euro release (as are most things good and rare).


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