HW: Atomhenge/Quark Night

Mark Edmonds edmondsm.brbs at EMS.RAIL.CO.UK
Thu Sep 17 05:14:00 EDT 1998

From: Mark Edmonds
Date: 1998-09-17 10:14

I just got my copy of Atomhenge - have only listened to it in short snippets
so far but really enjoyed the "groove" of Time For Sale. Does anyone know
the credits for this track?

Obviously, I haven't been following posts that closely recently - where can
I get hold of the Quark Night In Paris CD?

Finally, I understand that Hawkwind have a live '76 CD in the wings - does
anyone know what the recording date of the gig is?

Even more finally, is there a good quality CDR of HW at the Camden Music
Machine (1977) available? I made a minidisc transfer from my tape and it is
reasonable quality but I suspect there is an earlier generation tape
floating around out there. Any pointers anyone? (BTW, this gig is awesome -
the band really clicks into gear and never let up).

Thanks in advance


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