I Do like to be beside the seaside

Al Ogilvy Alogilvy at AOL.COM
Fri Jan 22 12:44:54 EST 1999

Just got a mailout from Vynil Addiction (E.Mail 101325.1414 at compuserve.Com)
advertising a "New Hawkwind CD" called I Do like to be beside the seaside.
Recorded live at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall 12.7.80 which claims to be good
soundboard quality.Anyone Know anything about this...Is it an official release
or what?..Is the quality really any good ?They included a track list...here it
is if anyones interested...Shot down in the night,Urban Guerilla,The
war,.(Possibly whose gonna stop the I suppose ??)..World of Tiers,Dust of
Time,Docking port
111.....(???),NATI...(???),Lighthouse,Brainstorm,MOTV....(I,m guessing that
this might be Master of the universe abbreviated and misspelt..Who can
say???),Silver Machine,Levitation.
 If anyones never heard of Vynil Addiction out there,theyre pretty
reliable,and have a fair sized Hawkwind list which occassionally carries some
pretty obscure Items.
their Snailmail is :PO Box 27 LLandysul SA 38 9YA Wales UK.

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