I Do like to be beside the seaside

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> Just got a mailout from Vynil Addiction (E.Mail 101325.1414 at compuserve.Com)
> advertising a "New Hawkwind CD" called I Do like to be beside the seaside.
> Recorded live at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall 12.7.80 which claims to be good
> soundboard quality.Anyone Know anything about this...Is it an official
> or what?..Is the quality really any good ?They included a track list...here
> is if anyones interested...Shot down in the night,Urban Guerilla,The
> war,.(Possibly whose gonna stop the I suppose ??)..World of Tiers,Dust of
> Time,Docking port
> 111.....(???),NATI...(???),Lighthouse,Brainstorm,MOTV....(I,m guessing that
> this might be Master of the universe abbreviated and misspelt..Who can
> say???),Silver Machine,Levitation.

Info on the concert from my concert database

Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall, 1980,  07, 12, Sat
  (Brock, Bainbridge, Lloyd Langton, Blake, King)

July 12, 1980
Brainstorm // Dust of Time // Intro // Levitation // Lighthouse // Master of
the Universe // Motorway City //
Prelude // Shot Down in the Night // Silver Machine // Space Chase // Spirit of
the Age // Urban Guerilla //
Waiting for Nati // Who's Gonna Win the War // World of Tiers


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