OFF: Farflung

K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Fri Jan 18 13:53:36 EST 2002

Oh, duh...

>>Keith - What label did you say you thought was supposed to be releasing a
>>new Farflung? I just got a message from John Perez at Liquid Sound Records
>>that he'll be releasing a new (as yet untitled) Farflung CD in June.
>P.S.  It isn't the Myth of Solid Ground they're releasing is it?  (Well,
>that obviously has a title, so perhaps not.)  Are they a US label?

If I'd read this more carefully, I'd have realized that this is John Perez
of Solitude Aeturnus, and Liquid Sound Co.

So, did he say anything about doing more Liquid Sound Co. recordings?  I
hope so.

Grakkl (FAA)

P.S.  Anybody heard any Solitude Aeturnus?  Is it like really angry?  Is it
like that one track (maybe track 6? one word title - Swallow perhaps?) on
Liquid Sound Co. that's pretty grundgy?

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