HW: collection: what must i buy now?

Pierluigi Fumi gg at NINJANET.COM
Sat Oct 12 04:22:00 EDT 2002

Goodmorning technician of space!

I have this HW's CD, but i think there are more and more and more LP i
should have... so, can you conseil me?
ah, the CD with * are copied... do you know where I can buy original?
the CD with ** are copied but I found them in an Italian catalogue, so
i will ordine them soon :)

thanks a lot!, gg

In Search of Space
Doremi Fasol Latido
Space Ritual
Hall of the mountain grill
the 1999 party
This is hawkwind, do not panic
Hawklords live
Live 79
Live chronicles (the EMI version of 1 cd + the bonus CD)
DVD - the chronicle of the black sword
Palace Springs
Xenon Codex
Space Bandits
Acid daze - volume 3
Live - bootleg
Live and Rare
DVD - live (castle collection series)
Yule Ritual

Warrior on the edge of time *
PXR5 *
Levitation **
Sonick Attack *
Choose you masques *
Church of Hawkwind *
Chronicles of the black sword *
Live Chronicles (the complete 2 CD album) *
Out and Intake *
Electric Tapee **
It is the business of the future to be dangerous **
Alien 4 *
Love in space *
Distant Horizons *
Best of friends and relations *

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