HW: collection: what must i buy now?

Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Sat Oct 12 07:02:52 EDT 2002

In a message dated Sat, 12 Oct 2002 19:20:24  AEDT, Pierluigi Fumi <gg at NINJANET.COM> writes:

> Goodmorning technician of space!
> I have this HW's CD, but i think there are more and more and more LP i
> should have... so, can you conseil me?
> ah, the CD with * are copied... do you know where I can buy original?
> the CD with ** are copied but I found them in an Italian catalogue, so
> i will ordine them soon :)
> thanks a lot!, gg
> Hawkwind
> In Search of Space
> Doremi Fasol Latido
> Space Ritual
> Hall of the mountain grill
> the 1999 party
> This is hawkwind, do not panic
> Hawklords live
> Live 79
> Zones
> Live chronicles (the EMI version of 1 cd + the bonus CD)
> DVD - the chronicle of the black sword
> Palace Springs
> Xenon Codex
> Space Bandits
> Acid daze - volume 3
> Live - bootleg
> Live and Rare
> DVD - live (castle collection series)
> Yule Ritual
> Warrior on the edge of time *

Best bet - ebay... but expect to pay top dollar.
If you do try bidding there and it is a Griffin release email the seller and ask them if they know if it is the Griffin misspress.  I got caught out with a sealed box warrior set of the misspressed cd.  But what the hell.  Its a collectable I spose and the book is kinda cool.

> PXR5 *

Same again.  Ebay.  Expect the bidding to go quite high

> Levitation **

Check with Andy G or Zeitgeist the rocker - they may still have some copies.  Else Amazon .com might still have copies.

> Sonick Attack *

Same as above.  Or try Cranium music in new zealand.  Richard might still have one or two if you are lucky.
Failing that head over to Ebay.

> Choose you masques *

Same as sonic attack.

> Church of Hawkwind *

Amazon.com might definatly still have it.  Or Andy G at Cd Services?

> Chronicles of the black sword *

I managed to score my copy from Andy G at CD services.  Prolly sold out bu now.  If he doesn't have it I think you'll have to go to ebay.

> Live Chronicles (the complete 2 CD album) *

I found this at my local music shop.  Shock!! Gasp!! I nearly fainted.  Should still be easy to locate.

> Out and Intake *

Andy G or Zeitgeist the rocker or Amazon.com

> Electric Tapee **

Same as Out and intake.

> It is the business of the future to be dangerous **

I got mine from Amazon over a year ago.

> Alien 4 *

Good luck.  Probably ebay.  I've got two copies but I absolutely love this album and would only part with one of my copies to get one of the few cd's I lack in my collection.

> Love in space *

Good luck again ;-)  If you do find a source other than ebay let me know - I'd love to have an extra copy of it as a "personal paranoia" back up.  I love this album as well.

> Distant Horizons *

Andy G at CD services - Zeitgeist or Amazon .com failing the first two sources.

> Best of friends and relations *

Should be an easy one to locate.  Try CD services.
I think my local "cool/alternative" music shop has a copy.  If I recall correctly its about $30 or $35 AU

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