BRAIN: Touring info that's phat!

John A. Swartz jswartz at MITRE.ORG
Tue Apr 15 08:19:37 EDT 2003

Geez, I don't know about this promoter.  You'd think most BOC fans would
be very excited to see both BOC and tBS within a short span of time, and
would be more than willing to pay the extra price to also see a tBS
show.  Is money that tight over there that fans of both bands wouldn't
come out to see both?  What if these fans happen to like OTHER bands and
are already planning on seeing them in the same timeframe?

Sorry to hear of these kinds of troubles, Albert - it's not like you get
to play the UK every day...


> The fact is that there is now only one possibility for a show in the UK
> and I'll find out about that sometime this week. Because of the BOC
> tour the promoter is afraid of alienating UK fans by us playing there
> at the same time. It seems that many fans plan to go to all or most of
> the BOC shows and because of the high ticket price will not be able to
> afford to come to even one of our shows unless it's months away from
> BOC. We may just end up doing a couple shows in France and the one in
> Belgium. Sorry.
> Al

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