HW: Totally random wandering thoughts

SForstner stemfors at PIPELINE.COM
Fri Apr 18 13:37:55 EDT 2003

Henderson Keith <keith.henderson at PSI.CH> wrote:
>maybe I should point out that Farflung did a recording of
>"Robot" that was meant to appear on the "Myth of Solid
>Ground" CD, that was never issued except as a self-made
>CDR demo version that was sold to a select few at one of
>the Strange Daze's.  And Tommy left this off because HW
>were appearing there (which made it the StrangeWind event
>I guess)...but now he's offered one of the Robot-laden
>copies of his own on Ebay, and some fool (probably
>someone here on boc-l!) gave him $76 for it.

Hey! I bid $50 for this! Admittedly much more than I normally would have
bid, it was just that in this case Grenas has given his permission to tree
Myth on Neo-Quark, and I was willing to pay the extra in order to make
Robot (sort of) widely available. Its not like I have wads of cash to blow
on "collector's editions" or anything like that. And I have to save up for
the forthcoming Rhys Chatham 3 CD historical overview set. Supposedly
finally out May 6th, keep your fingers crossed..


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