HW: Sabbaticals - a few corrections

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Hi Jon, If you can do a complete gig listing I'd be interested in this.
After the 21/10/2001 date you say Nik and Harvey. Are you refering to the
Strange Daze tour in the USA? I could probably get the info for the lineup
and dates. Let me know. Cheers Stephe
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> On Fri, 18 Apr 2003, Bernhard Pospiech wrote:
> > Maybe this (late) info gives you a little help
> >
> >
> > Here are the lineups for the last 4 years
> > If you need some other years please let me know
>         Hi Bernhard, thanks very much for this, which sews up the few
> gaps. I find myself in the unlikely position of being able to offer you a
> correction or two though, not with the Hawkwind line-ups but the Nikwind
> ones. I'm not sure which Nik bands you're including and which you aren't
> (is it just those only Hawkwind ex-members played in?) but:
> > TOWN:   HALL:   DATE:   DAY:    LINE-UP:
> > Ystalyfera      Festival        21.07.2000      Fri     TU/LL/OL/CB/DI
>         This was the Nik Turner's Reunion Band gig, yes? There was
> Hawkwind All Stars (as it was billed) later in the year, which for your
> table would be:
>   Stourbridge           30.09.2000      Sat     TU/DA/BA/TH [+Judge Trev]
> > London  Nikestra        21.10.2001      Sun     TU/TR/RI/SL/OL/CB/DI
>         And you missed a few participants there. I know because I was
> there :-) I don't know the right acronyms for your system here, but also
> playing were: Martin Griffin, Steve Swindells, Del Dettmar, Dave Anderson
> and Adrian Shaw, and Dik Mik was *not* there. Though Jon Moss and
> Commander Jim Hawkman were. It was billed as Hawkestra.
>         I have it noted that Nik performed soon afterwards just as Nik
> Turner with Harvey Bainbridge also in the band but I don't know who the
> rest of the band were or when they played.
>         Then at the beginning of 2002 there were or was an or several
> XHawkwind gig or gigs with a line-up of Nik, Thomas Crimble, Mick
> Slattery, Del Dettmar, Terry Ollis and Ron Tree.
>         Also Space Ritual.net shows with Turner, Crimble, Slattery, Ollis
> and others at the end of 2002 and the second Greasy Truckers Party which
> added Dave Anderson, Adrian Shaw, Ron Tree and Jerry Richards, followed in
> December with shows with a line-up of Turner, Crimble, Slattery, Ollis,
> Anderson, Dettmar and others, but I don't imagine you care about
> these. Just not sure where you stop listing Nik gigs in the scheme of
> things. If you want I can try and attach dates and places to these? Yours,
> Jon
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