Love in Space DVD

Nick Lee nick.lee2 at VIRGIN.NET
Sun Oct 12 10:46:43 EDT 2003

Given that the picture quality of the original was not really of
broadcast quality (as with most Jettisoundz stuff - but better the Taste
output) it's a pretty good transfer.  The resolution suffers at points
when the lightshow/strobes etc go mad (maybe this could have been
avoided with more careful mastering?).  There's no extra features at all
which is a bit of a letdown.
Definitely well worth having if you've not got the VHS version probably
still worth it even if you have, the picture is that little bit sharper
and the sound  quality is superb.
Would've been nice if the missing tracks (Lord of Light and Golden Void)
had been included as extras but as they're not on the 2CD version I
guess properly mixed versions of these don't exist and the sound quality
would have been weaker (as with the encore tracks on the Black Sword

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Hi there

I see Hawkwind's Love in Space DVD is now out! Anyone watched it, & have
any info to give, particularly in comparison to the original VHS


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