Hawkwind gig review BURG HERZBERG 17.07.2004

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Tue Jul 20 06:41:14 EDT 2004

bernhard.pospiech writes:

> Lots of stereo effect during the songs

Yep. Dave was saying that they had a new toy.

> SPACE IS THEIR was very interesting

Mein Gott! Haven't you been saying they should drop this for the last
ten years?

Great gig.  Unfortunately I got ill, possibly precipitated by being
kidnapped by Bavarians ("We're not German!") and forced to drink Schnapps
by their fire until breakfast, but probably not since the hangover had
already been and gone by Saturday night.

Unfortunately there was a problem with the left speqker stack at the
site after the second thunderstorm and this meant that Alan's base feed
came through distorted and cutting out - it afected all the bands after
Hawkwind who were bass-heavy. Clearly I should have moved to Dave's side
of the stage but I was having a hard time staying upright by the gig,
never mind moving.

Highlights were Where Are They Now and Spirit of the Age. I thought Out
Here We Are was pretty damned good too.


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