Assault and Battery Live

Steve Youles youless at COX.NET
Thu Jul 29 19:02:58 EDT 2004

Hi Chris

Well I prefer the Friday Rock Show Sessions version to the one on Live
Chronicles, but doubtless others don't.  Yes, I think A&B was originally
omitted from Live Chronicles for contractual reasons, and only got added on
after these had been resolved, hence the Griffin release has it where the
GWR version didn't.

I think CD Services can still supply Live Chronicles but I don't recall
offhand if it's the Griffin version.

I'd contact them by phone or email (orders at since, IMHO,
and it pains me to say it: I think they have the worst website in the
world.  (Mine's not far behind, but that's another story.)

Good luck



On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:31:41 -0400, SUBSCRIBE BOC-L Jademan
<chrisow at SHAW.CA> wrote:

>Steve thanks for the reply.
>I particularly liked the energetic bass line on this version of
>Assault, which is why I wanted to buy the full copy, also the sound
>quality was excellent. That said, sessions is impossible to get hold of.
>Can you recall if the version on Live Chronicles is as good?
>I recall the sound quality of live chronicles wasnt quite as good as this
>excerpt.Also I dont recall assault being on my original version of Live
>Chonicles (now lost due to bad loan), was it added as a bonus track to
>later version?

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