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I've got my ticket - can't believe it tBS in the UK at last.
Is there going to be a meet-up before hand. For the last couple of BOC gigs
at the Astoria I went to the Angel and didn't see anyone, so it would be
good to see a few people and not go on my own (awwww). Is there a pub near
the venue and who's going to be there? Albert  fancy meeting your public?

.......Charlie (Charles the Grinning Boy)
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> On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Si Halley wrote:
> > The Brain Surgeons, featuring former Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert
Bouchard and ex-Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss, have confirmed
> > a date at LOndon's 100 Club on February 11. Get tickets via the
Ticketmaster link at
>         I believe I might be up for that. I wonder how many people I can
> talk into it? Let us see... Yours,
>                                    Jon
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