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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Wed Jan 26 06:08:48 EST 2005

On 26-Jan-2005 02:22, Doug Pearson wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 23:01:32 -0000, Tony <tony.orourke at TALK21.COM> wrote:
>>Live Chronicles must be good as it was recommended on no less than five
>>separate occaisions.
> I enjoy it, but as Carl mentioned, beware of the Spinal Tap-isms.  I
> wouldn't recommend starting with it unless you really do like 80s metal
> (not that it's a typical 80s metal album at all!).

Indeed.  More like the idea of 80s metal heavily filtered through
Brockesque riff-festing (and thereby quite a lot cooler than quite a lot
of 80s metal :)  It's like Hawkwind, but not as you know it.  (Well ...
I guess that's true of most HW albums :)  And as a re-invention of
Hawkwind, I think it's pretty successfull, though when I used to get
together with friends to watch the concert video of Live Chronicles back
in university, we were always astounded that it *post-dated* Spinal Tap!
 Maybe that cloak Brock was wearing was a leftover prop from the
Stonehenge set :)

Still, if you check your irony at the door and raise your d20 on high,
_LC_ is pretty cool, especially the Griffin release with all the extra
tracks restored.  The material drawn from the studio _CotBS_ album is
all great live (CotBS may have been HW's best 80s album): Song of the
Swords, The Sea King, Needle Gun ... and there's plenty of good stuff
not found (or seldom found) elsewhere: "Dragons and Fables", "Moonglum",
"Dragon Song".  I also quite like this version of "MotU", and the
appearance of "Magnu" is cool.

>>Epocheclipse got three recommendations.  £9 for 3cds
>>on Amazon looks a steal!!
> I would strongly recommend starting with this one.  It should give you a
> pretty good overview of which eras of HW you like the most, making your
> subsequent decisions easier ...

It's also got a few key songs that are, I think, otherwise out-of-print.
 Almost tempted to get it myself :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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