We didn't do it ;-(

David Kuznick dkuznick at ALUMNI.BRANDEIS.EDU
Wed Sep 7 09:45:22 EDT 2005

Quoting Rich <cosmicdolphin at COMCAST.NET>:

> >While this was a very gallant and well put together effort, I tend to agree
> >that it was futile for the following reasons:
> >1. The hardcore fanbase is too small.
> Actually I disagree, other artists have done it or come very very close.
> Marillion, The Alarm, All About Eve (were a close miss and they definately
> have a smaller fanbase than the Hawks)

Don't be too sure about that w.r.t. Marillion.  They have a big following in a
lot of countries outside the UK, and I think their online fanbase is MUCH
bigger and well-organized than Hawkwind.  They also market themselves much
differently and to a much different demographic.

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