HW: What WOULD do it???

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Fri Sep 9 06:42:54 EDT 2005

On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 06:39:33PM -0400, Dave Law typed out:
> i think it would (in a perfect world) have to be Sunray, off the new album,
> having now heard it a number of times, it's as catchy as hell!

        I agree here, in fact I think I said when the samples went up on
Mission Control that `Sun Ray' was the one they needed to release as a
single, it's a proper rock anthem and would catch the tail end of the
whole sort of Queens of the Stone Age end of things nicely--if it ever got
any airplay of course...

> i can however see 2 big problems already -
> 1 - would they bother with another single after SOTA

        I reckon that will depend entirely on whether it actually made any
money, which I guess is unlikely but let's face it, chart place or no
chart place this disc must be selling better than any other Hawkwind
single for a long long time. (Even if you go back far enough to remember
the previous one :-) ) If Dave and Rob Ayling think there's money in
another single they'll do it I'm sure.

> 2 - you'd have to get Arthur Brown to commit to another bout of touring and
> promo

        Again, though Arthur's more principled than many in the rock
business, he's not a rich man and I reckon if there was a certainty he'd
be paid he'd be up for it. Only as I understand it he doesn't tend to
believe people saying they'll pay him after thirty years of being ripped
off :-(

        It's not like I know the man of course, just talked to him a
couple of times by happenstance. Still.

> guess neither are impossible but have to say feeling a bit negative about
> such things at the mo.

        Let's see if it shifts up the rock charts this week, eh? Yours,


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