OFF and INVISIBLE/The "Original" Space Ritual

trev judge48 at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 2 09:28:53 EDT 2007

oh god oh god
what money
i dont know what your talking about
oh god oh my god
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From: "vzenv14m" <maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET>
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: The "Original" Space Ritual

> Hi Trev, I forgot to wish you all the best with your gig.  Oh, sure, 
> Mike's
> a crazy fothermucker, but actually very loveable.  He isn't trying to kill
> you, yet, but look out, you'll never know when he'll strike.  Which side
> should I join, whoever wants to pay me the most for my telepathy.
> Love to both you madmen,
> Kaduflyer

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