mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 4 13:37:06 EDT 2008

>        This is one of those things where people seem to remember it
> different, innit, most especially Lemmy and Nik, though I was listening
> to _1999 Party_ last night, with Nik doing his best menace over
> `Warriors at the Edge of Time' and thinking: "Nah. You were into the
> scary schtick then, mate, you just don't want to remember it that way".

*well we disagree again....I think Nik doing those vocals is as good as it
ever got (for an american who wasn't at HW gigs then)  and in fact I mailed
Nik about this very thing a few months ago*
*I liked Nik doing the vocals on stuff like that the very best..;;;;just my
opinion, not saying it's the right one or the best one....I have stated
before that I always considered Nik the other head of a two-headed Hawk, and
quite frankly, I wish to god he could get along with Dave, and not
over-honk, because I wish he was in Hawkwind......I hope he dirched the
white alien-spikey suit by now though...*

>        Unless my ears deceive me, that's not a new recording of Lemmy
> on TMYTF's `Silver Machine' alas, it's the old single mixed into the
> main recording. Yours,
>    *Oh I'm sure it is, but wouldn't Lemmy know it was being used??, etc,
> etc...*

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